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Be more Healthy with White Off :New product from Herbasium Life

White Off, a 100% natural product from Herbasium Life, is a much sought after Ayurvedic Solution for all whitish discharge problems. A herbal product with no side effects, White Off has been developed by experts from the classical texts of Ancient Ayurveda to help the hormonal imbalance in women and regain their confidence. It not only vata pitta suppressant but also kapha aggravator. With ingredients like Saraca indica , Carculigo orchioedes , Acacia catechu, Emblica officinalis , Tribulus terrestris , Zyzigium cumini, Asparagus resemosus, Salmalea malabaricum , Hemidesmus indicus, Cuminum cyminum etc, this highly effective medicine eliminates toxins ,stop bleeding and also reduces the amount of uterine secretion ,giving you A HEALTHY BODY IN ALL SENSE without any side effects.

Why White Off ?

  • Useful for infertility and inflammatory bowel conditions
  • Used as uterine sedative and enhances energy and vitality
  • Reduce pain during indigestion flatulence and purifies blood.
  • It's a very Effective and safe Medicine for all types of Leucorrhoea.
  • No Embarrassing Check-ups & Leaves Treatment at your Home.
  • NO SIDE EFFECTS and 100% Ayurvedic product.
* Money back guarantee is applicable for 30 days and above courses only.

For example, in order to claim a money back guarantee for a 30 day course, you need to use White off for the first 15 days, as per our usage instructions, and if you are not satisfied with the result achieved within this time span, you can return the item soon, to claim your refund less of postage and handling.